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As of October of 2009, the senior partner of this firm, attorney Romina Ruiz Cardenas, obtained from the Federal Government her authorization and empowerment to act as Corredor Público . Although the term does not have a literal translation to English, it can be said that a Corredor Público is almost like a Notary Public being the difference that a Corredor Público is oriented exclusively to commercial and mercantile areas. Although a Corredor Público is not allowed by Law to issue titles or Deeds for real estate transactions, he can provide and give public attestation in any commercial or business transactions; can also act as a mediator and arbiter for disputes; has expertise and knowledge in mercantile, finance, banking, corporate, and business fields, can issue appraisals of all kind of assets and services, such as brands, businesses, merchandise, equipment, land, houses, factories etc.

The Corredor Público is a figure recently modified, as stated by Mexican Legislation in December 29, 1992 as published in the Federal Official Daily Gazette by the Mexican Federal Congress.

The figure of Corredor Público was redefined in 1992 in order to fulfill the demands of the commercial activities in Mexico and due to the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The Corredor Publico under Mexican Legislation is a fully credited lawyer that has the full support and credit of the Mexican Federal Government supervised by the Ministry of Economy.

In order to become a Corredor Público in Mexico it is necessary to have a law degree (Licenciado en Derecho). No other professionals may apply for this distinction. As to the appointment process the process includes two highly difficult examinations; one for aspirante (prospective Corredor Público) and other for Corredor Público.

The Corredor Público is empowered to perform the following functions only with respect to business transactions:

  1. To act as a broker between two or more parties by delivering proposals by one party to the other and vice versa, and to counsel the parties concerning the contemplated commercial transaction(s);

  2. To act as an expert appraiser in the valuing and quantifying of goods and services, whether by appointment by the parties or by order of a government authority;

  3. To provide legal advice to businessmen with regard to commercial activities;

  4. To act as a mediator, at the request of the parties, to resolve commercial disputes as well as disputes between a vendor and a consumer;

  5. To officially attest to and certify commercial agreements and transactions (including documents and contracts related to vessels), except those involving real estate property

  6. To officially attest to the incorporation, amendment, merger, or liquidation of corporations and partnerships, as well as to perform any other functions allowed by statute law.

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Federal Public Attestor

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